Late spring clean

So the last week has seen a spot of spring cleaning, both physical and virtual with the latter not quite being complete. On the physical front, the pokey little space I refer to with almost no irony as my office has been radically tidied (the bin has even been emptied, some of the stuff near the bottom had been festering there so long it was close to sentience) and some of those little jobs that have been pending for ages like untangling the cables for various desktops and consoles from each other has taken place.

There’s also been some relatively major tidying up of the front room, the down side to which is that, along with the expected but nondescript nagging sense that I’ve misplaced something important, I have actually managed to lose one of my old Compaq Evo laptops; it was the almost blank one that was being used to develop Edge Grinder (the machine was deliberately empty to avoid the temptation of switching to an assembler) so it’ll need locating since the most recent revisions of the program code haven’t been backed up to any other boxes!

On the virtual front, my (t)rusty work machine Ikaruga (named after a shoot ’em up of course, just like every box on our network) finally managed to grind down her 400 watt power supply and needed surgery – since she was already on the table, I took the opportunity to install a larger hard disk, reconnect the multi card reader properly, remove the lightly toasted Soundblaster Live card (a replacement will be sought on eBay at some point, hopefully along with an old GeForce 4 MX440 for the low specification testing machine since it needs rebuilding too) and do a clean install of Windows XP. In some respects I like working on a fresh machine because it’s so much more responsive, but that’s probably because I hate the actual transition and tend to leave things to the point where the delay before a program opens can be measured in geological time – but the slog of getting everything back to being “just so” is arduous to say the least, which is why it usually gets held off until there’s no other option…

If this urge to tidy stuff continues (it’s possible albeit rather unlikely) I’ll be revamping the WordPress templates for Bullet Mechanics and Illogistix too, although the latter will require access to my stock image collection which is on a 40Gb drive that isn’t in this box right now!

2 thoughts on “Late spring clean

  1. Nah, that’s tidy and I can usually put my hand on something needed within a few minutes at most.

    There are three desktop PCs in the room and my web server (all routed through a KVM switch so they share the middle monitor and relying on a 24 port switch on top of the server), a C64 and Gamecube using the Commodore 1084S on the left and the chipped Playstation is connected to an old Acorn SCART monitor on the right (the Acorn below it isn’t wired up right now).

    The build server lives in the front room, occasionally it gets “buried” so the only way to find it is via the network!

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