Retro Gamer 87

Yes, I know that this blog is turning into something of a wasteland but I’ve had quite a bit on my mind lately and it doesn’t function particularly well when overloaded! I might end up waffling more about life in general and where it may be going at some point, but not just yet…

Anyway, internal struggles aside I’ve had Retro Gamer 87 for a week and this post is meant to be about that; 8-bit games reviewed are Repton: The Lost Realms for the BBC with it’s epic lost-and-found story (some of which is discussed in the Homebrew Heroes interview with Paras Sidapara) and three platformers, Stamp Quest, Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle and Uwol: Quest for Money for the Spectrum, C64 and C16 respectively.

The remake of the month is Sokurah’s remake of vector-based blaster Star Castle and there’s a look at Ninja Senki which a NES-styled platformer and Lawnmower Vs Zombies for XBLIG… sort of Hover Bovver with pickier grass collisions and zombies really. The Flash game is a remake of platformer Nodes of Yesod, done by one of the original developers.