Meet the new ZX Spectrum…

…same as the old ZX Spectrum. Well, not exactly the same because the yellow and white connectors by the RF modulator aren’t just me doing a Russell Howard, the yellow is legitimately connected to a nearby television and the Spectrum is outputting composite video! The work was done by Dean, a lovely chap who repairs computers at the indoor section of Leeds market but doesn’t have a website for me to link to right now, using the guide written by Womble.

It was a little like watching open heart surgery whilst the poor Spectrum was under the soldering iron, but the results are excellent – now all I have to do is purchase a DivIDE to get it loading games, since the mic and ear connectors appear to be profoundly deaf!

And I feel fine…?

The rapture was predicted for 6pm today, the 21st of May 2011 – at that time, Harold Camping of religious broadcasters Family Radio predicted that over two hundred million worthy believers would be taken up into the sky. I was browsing the internet and waiting for Doctor Who to start, so missed it entirely! This isn’t unusual for me, I missed the last rapture Camping prophesised in September 1994 and when Skynet became sentient and started World War 3 on the 24th of July 2004.

Even more annoyingly, those of us left behind are either damned to hell for all eternity or simply going to cease to exist, although that presumably it hasn’t happened yet because whoever is responsible for damnation for the UK wasn’t properly organised and is in the process of setting up a replacement bus service. I don’t entirely mind the idea of hell (to quote Richard Richard, “if it’s all going to be whipping and screaming and leather and restraints then obviously… I’m on!”) and ceasing to exist is, I’d assume, at least painless but I’m rather miffed about the timing since Doctor Who was the first half of a two parter!

Still, it could be worse… just imagine how idiotic the owners of this “judgement bus”…

…or indeed the Family Radio website (which is, surprisingly, paid up until 13th March 2012) would’ve have felt tomorrow morning had they not been raptured! Presumably these vehicles are freely available for ferrying damned souls to hell and/or oblivion?