Run-up to Replay – part 2

As I noted previously, Replay is getting inexorably closer and, of course, I’m not entirely ready for it… as in Callisto (the Atari 8-bit game i’m writing for release at the event) only contains two and a bit levels so far, lacks a title logo and still has a couple of minor hiccups in the code that need ironing out! But I might as well post a quick screenshot grabbed at the start of the second level anyway:

There can be up to six enemies in play at once with three allowed on the same scanline (along with the player’s ship) and all seven hardware-generated sprite objects are 10 by 18 pixels in size with colour splits every other line. Getting this lot going has been… different!

On the hardware front, everything is almost ready to go, although the Oldschool Gaming Atari 800XL with its SIO2SD connected (and what appears to be a Zipstik farm, there are five in total although one needs a quick service) are currently set up for testing the game’s code and the C64GS is sat there patiently waiting for one of the final pieces of hardware to arrive. And if it’s okay with everybody else, I plan to start seriously panicking around Wednesday, give or take…

Run-up to Replay

Replay is on its way and I’m all excited… and slightly panicky since I’ve got about ten days to get the game I’m planning to release finished and “organise” myself. In fact I probably shouldn’t be wasting time with a blog post at this point! The game is coming along fairly nicely and the code is pretty much complete barring a couple of cosmetic details and one last minute feature I need to bolt in, but the mad rush is going to be designing and wedging all the level data in – fortunately I’ve got this week off work, so I’ll be drinking tea in industrial quantities and running Doctor Who DVDs in the background with the volume cranked up until it’s (hopefully) done.

I’ve already put a couple of days into getting everything ready for the event (including testing the newly-arrived DivIDE with the Oldschool Gaming Spectrum +2) although I did take last Friday off because that nice Harold Camping said the end of the world was coming… again. He’s such a joker isn’t he! The irony is that his own staff didn’t get the day off for the rapture and subsequent destruction of the world whilst I did! That’s a win for me even if I’m not entirely sure at what level.