Mmm, Raspberry Pi!

It took a while, but my shiny new Raspberry Pi arrived yestarday… so I’ve just picked it up from the sorting office, plugged in a spare keyboard and mouse through a Poundland hub, run a cable to our old JVC CRT telly, inserted the 4Gb SD card I’d prepped with Debian Squeeze and powered it on… and away it went!

In fact it worked so well that, although the photo was uploaded from my (t)rusty old laptop, this blog posting is being written via the Pi itself!

Of course the big question right now is what to actually do with the thing now i’ve got it… there’s a dead 48K Spectrum knocking about that I got specifically but how to mount it and how to persuade the Pi to natter with it’s keyboard…?

3 thoughts on “Mmm, Raspberry Pi!

  1. i haven’t had much time to play sadly, but so far it’s been fun… the idea of shoving it into a dead Spectrum isn’t going to fly though, there isn’t enough room in the case!

  2. Shame it doesn’t fit inside a Spectrum case. Go overkill instead; put it in an Amiga 500 case!

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