A day off… with VGA

Today I’m having a “day off” so, because this is what I assume everybody does when they have a little free time, it was spent fixing my Amiga 600HD after an “incident” where it’s previous CF card reader was damaged (a long story involving a CD32, an SX-1 and a dodgy HDD cable), failing to breathe some life back into a Cumana external Amiga floppy drive and playing with a few bits purchased for my Raspberry Pi. The result of the latter is this…

…which is Chameleon Pi running off my old 256Mb model B Pi, a Playstation 2 DualShock pad connected through a USB converter and VGA out. Although I wasn’t entirely happy with the Atari 8-bit or C64 emulation, the Apple 2 seems reasonable and the plan was, amongst other things, to have something compact and friendly to use at events for games on hardware I don’t own. It also has a new case which cost about six quid, but no audio at the moment but that’s being worked on.

And for an encore, half an hour was then used to persuade the GBS-8220 VGA upscaler I purchased a few months ago that working with the Spectrum +2 would be a fun thing to do; this process mostly revolved around poking wires from the upscaler into the Spectrum’s video port.

At some point I’ll get around to actually soldering a plug onto those wires, although considering my lack of ability with a soldering iron that might take a bit of practise and building up to. The actual video output from the GBS-8220 is pretty decent, I noticed that there’s some smearing but it doesn’t look to be any more pronounced than what was coming out of the SCART cable and television used previously.

2 thoughts on “A day off… with VGA

  1. I’m so jealous of that Chameleon Pi set-up right now…

    And that ‘poke the wires in the holes’ temp solution looks like a typical hack I would perform, promising myself I would ‘fix’ it in the future… before not doing that and chancing it till something bad happens. ;)

  2. I can’t take “credit” for the hole poking (fnarr, fnarr) because that was how the person who wrote the tutorial for wiring the GBS-8220 to a Spectrum did it as well! I already have the DIN connector, but I need to get a couple of other parts before wiring the cable up and want to use the bare-ended cable to test the upscaler with a couple of other machines before that too.

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