The battle continues

A bit more work has been done to Battle Eagle so there are three level maps installed and pretty much populated now and a handful of enemy animations have also been added so here’s a picture of one in it’s natural environment:

The four enemies currently handled by the engine are managed on an object-by-object basis so each can be a different base colour and definition. At this point the idea is that there will be about six stages which alternate between two graphical styles and, hopefully, have a bespoke enemy definition as well as access to a general pool for things like the now grey space mines but the final numbers pretty much depend on available RAM.

Part of me wants to keep everything to a single 48K load because it wants to write for a stock, tape-based machine (which for the Atari 8-bit would be a 48K GTIA-equipped 800 since that’s what most 1980s budget games wanted) but there’s another area of my psyche insisting on unrolling loops for speed and the two really don’t get on and if the latter wins the three of us will be aiming for 64K. As it stands the entire project takes a smidgeon over 40K when executing but there’s a generous gap where the music will be going, some work spaces that can be moved or optimised and the sprite and tile data have some “dead air” at the end which will be clawed back soon.

2 thoughts on “The battle continues

  1. ‘Tis looking very tasty indeed! Looking forward to this one…

  2. Sorry, in the wrong post, but the comments are switched off for older posts…

    Regarding the wifi article you wrote a while back. I use wifi on my phone in work (using my BT Business Account) and at home, amongst other trusted places, but sometimes forget to switch it off. Not good when there are so many open zones as discussed in your article, that could easily be abused.

    Found a neat little app for my android phone that automatically switches wifi when there is no signal, saving power and negating the security issues.

    Wifi Power Saver:

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