Escape the pirate planet

The final 16K cartridge version of Vallation was released in the early hours and it can be downloaded from the Cosine website or grabbed along with the other entries from the RGCD website and the C64 Scene Database. I’ve also uploaded a video to my olde YouTube channel of the game playing:

There are three levels containing seventy one screens, all crammed into just shy of 16K (it could have been optimised a little, but currently there are less than 150 bytes of free ROM in the cartridge image) and, assuming the player has a good knowledge of the levels, playing through in a hurry will take around nine minutes whilst going for score bumps that up to thirteen.

3 thoughts on “Escape the pirate planet

  1. Looks really nice in the video. I like the graphical details such as the animated teleports. Btw. the link to RGCD does not work.

  2. Oops! Thanks for pointing that out, it’s fixed now.

    I was quite pleased with the teleporters so it’s nice to know someone has noticed them. =-)

  3. Yeah, really enjoying this one. I like the ‘puzzle’ type element deciding how to get past the meanies, pattern spotting, etc.

    Nice animation on those same meanies too!

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