That syncing feeling

I’ve been in something of an “odd mood” recently, so no game coding or indeed blogging since early January; I’d like to apologise to my fans (both of them) for the lack of updates but life has been getting in the way somewhat… and I may have been dabbling with demo code during that time as well! [Ahem]

Anyway, the reason for this post is that, after the hard drive in my work PC nearly went down with all hands at the start of the year, it seemed like a good time to get things set up to avoid hardware failures killing my files and to that end I’ve been messing around with BitTorrent Sync, a do it yourself cloud solution which uses the BitTorrent protocol. I’ve had it running between various machines on my LAN and a central box acting as backup server and, barring a few quirks, it has performed pretty well for the last month and seems happy to work over teh interwebs as well. Anyone using Dropbox or similar services with more than one device should at least give it a glance.

Whilst I’m here (as it were), the Cosine YouTube channel mentioned at the end of my previous post hasn’t seen much activity because I can’t figure out how to convert footage saved with VICE into a format Windows Movie Maker can use without bottling out during the render! Any and all suggestions are welcome…

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    Sorry, should add that this program is really poorly designed GUIwise and has some really odd quirks, but has saved me on occasion…

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