Workprint – September 2015

As mentioned previously, the workprint posts will probably be more sparse since I’m concentrating on demo code but things are still happening… in fact there should be the first monthly demo from Cosine to announce at some point during this coming week. There might be news from another front in the near future and I apologise for being so infuriatingly vague but things on that front are still being discussed “behind closed doors” and not suitably advanced to blab about right now.

But in less annoyingly worded news I’ve spent most of today reorganising our spare room to make myself a new work space; here’s what it currently looks like…

…complete with a likkle sixth Doctor stood by the monitor. This setup is almost ready to use except that the desktop doesn’t currently have a connection to the network, but an el cheapo USB wireless adapter was ordered from t’interwebs yesterday to deal with that and, eventually, there’ll hopefully be a run of CAT5E coming up from the main switch. I should be up and running by the middle of the coming week, fingers and probably other extremities crossed

3 thoughts on “Workprint – September 2015

  1. Completely agree about the fan, along with a pot of coffee and supply of chocolate.

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