Workprint – March 2017

It’s time for another little update on things that are happening; first off I released a new monthly demo at the start of the week but… umm, sort of forgot to post about it here! That’ll appear in the next day or so – possibly including something of a “how it works” as well to sort of atone for the delay.

I haven’t settled on anything specific for MD201704 just yet – hopefully it’ll be released at a little Cosine get-together near the start of next month if that goes to “plan” – but there are a couple of prototypes which might work for that release. I’ve also had a couple of requests from other groups to code a slideshow and a BBS intro so those should be fun! Both are in the early stages at the moment and the slideshow’s artist is new to the C64 so I’m still walking him through the graphical capabilities right now, but things are going well on that front even if the poor soul is about to be introduced to one of my less than user friendly graphics conversion tools!

Yes, this post is somewhat vague and very light on screenshots but the projects themselves are somewhat nebulous at this point! It’s safe to say that there’ll be raster bars in there somewhere, though…

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