Workprint – June 2017

There hasn’t been a lot of coding time for one reason or another recently, but one thing I’ve been tinkering with a little is the SuperCPU or more accurately an emulated version courtesy of VICE; I’ve reworked my unrolled plotter – the one used in MD201704 – to handle about four hundred points. There’s also a “user interface” so that the cosine curves can be fiddled with as well because that seemed like a fun thing to do.

Halfway through playing with it I realised that, since it’s 6502 code rather than 65816, there’s no reason it won’t work on my Turbo Chameleon-equipped machine as well… where the 6MHz mode takes longer to get all of those points cleared, updated and drawn whilst the “unlimited” mode actually gets job done faster than the SuperCPU! Since I can at least release it as tested on one real accelerator and possibly get someone to run it on a SuperCPU as well, this may well become MD201706 and there should be enough raster time to finally use Sean’s double speed cover of Brian The Lion without breaking a virtual sweat.

There’s also a C64CD demo being prodded at right now, quite literally in fact since it’s testing on my C64C as I write. Unlike previous releases on said label it isn’t inspired by classic 1980s or 1990s releases and instead has a loose theme based on current events and a discussion at the Atari Age forums which got onto the subject of encryption. It needs a little more work, but should be ready to go either tomorrow or possibly Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Workprint – June 2017

  1. Hi,
    You are unstopable force!
    What about your parteon page? Is it active or?

    PS. VEry nice logo you made it for me but I have plenty of works to come (and I hope with your help).

  2. I set the Patreon account up a while back with a vague plan about doing tutorials and so forth… but time hasn’t allowed for it and I’m not sure there’s even a demand to be honest.

    You’ll have to nudge me in email about what you need help with, I’ve got a memory like a sieve on a good day!

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