A change of style

Or more accurately, a change of WordPress theme; the old Kubrik-based theme was showing its age a little so now I’m bang up to date… using Twenty Eleven! There’s a couple of new categories added to the side bar now, with all of the posts about events I’ve visited now bundled together under the Eventing umbrella and How It Works is all of the posts delving a little deeper into how a specific piece of code works. There’s also been a little tidying up, enforcing of the “house style” – that basically boils down to titles of games and so forth being in bold really, I don’t exactly have strict standards – and fixing or in a few cases removing dead linkage.

I have some programming to get on with over the “festive season” – insert the now traditional “bah humbug” here at your leisure by the way – with the intended release date being the New Years Disk for 2018, but at some point in the next week I’ll sit down with some Technical Difficulties audio episodes and take a second pass at the entire blog to double check and finish that tidying job, possibly even pausing to sort out the image and video widths along the way…

2 thoughts on “A change of style

  1. It’s just the WordPress theme Twenty Eleven with a cluster of header images, but at least I don’t have to worry about the theme not being updated! =-)

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