On the road again

The last couple of days have been all about getting everything packed and ready to go because I’m heading south to visit family and friends. Literally heading south right now because, for the first time since I started doing these journeys, there’s actuallly a working wifi service on the coach! So here I am composing a blog post whilst listening to ProTracker modules, sipping diet Coke and zooming down the M1 – I think we’re coming up on Leicester soon – how pretentious is that?!

Well okay, not particularly because it’s old hat for most people but the coaches on this run haven ‘t previously offered wifi and, although I know there’s a streaming service available so they must be reasonably confident of the bandwidth, I’m quite surprised at how quick the connection actually is. The down side is that its being filtered with OpenDNS/Cisco Umbrella and a few of my regular haunts like Atari Age aren’t available so those poor souls will have to survive without my “wit and wisdom” until later.

I had a quick stab at circumventing the filtering of course, but both Opera’s VPN and TeamViewer won’t connect and forcing the DNS to failed as well; hardly surprising of course because I wouldn’t expect Cisco to miss any of those tricks, but still a pain considering I’m seeing “invalid” certificate errors from WordPress.com and YouTube amongst others. Anyway, I’ve managed to kill most of an hour and about half of the battery on my old Dell D630 with this ramble so I might as well kick it out… there’ll be at least one post this coming week but I’m not sure when and “normal” services will resume after that.

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