Workprint – April 2018

I haven’t had a lot of time for programming recently so there’s not much to talk about today – the workprint posts are moving to Tuesdays in case I forgot to mention that – but one thing I’ve been doing which is sort of related is a spot of digital archaeology, working through a pile of older hard disks in what turned out to be a surprisingly fruitful attempt to locate a few bits and pieces which have gone astray over successive machine rebuilds. One of the things I found is this…

…which was originally drawn on my old Amiga 1200 ‘030 with Deluxe Paint 4 over a decade ago which doesn’t make me feel old in the slightest of course. The intention was to release a small demo written in Blitz 2D with all of the effects running on the monitor’s screen, but I didn’t get much of that code written. What I’m thinking of doing is reworking the background, expanding the image to 16:9 ratio and using it as the basis for a video thumbnail for YouTube because I reckon that’d look nice.

A lot of other interesting files have been found including a couple that I needed for a future blog post and some game graphics which might have to be rolled into a little potential project I was messing around with earlier this evening whilst procrastinating… I’m not sure if what I’m trying to do is actually viable right now so the whole thing might not be going anywhere and I’ll therefore remain annoyingly cryptic about it for the foreseeable future.

3 thoughts on “Workprint – April 2018

  1. Well that’s oddly spooky. My youngest recently moved out, so in tidying up her old bedroom I was able to drag out her bed from the wall and get access to my stored A1200. So guess what I’ve been doing also!?

    The thing booted to it’s internal HD first time after 18 odd years! Had to order a USB mouse adapter because my old Naksha mouse right button seems to have died, but have been going through all my old stuff including old Octamed/ProTracker mods, DPIII/IV images, Imagine renders, AMOS/Blitz Basic 2 code, some of my ASCII collections and the most weird of all, a Wordsworth file containing my university thesis.

    All very strange to see/hear after more than half my life passing since I last saw/heard it all…

  2. Oh dear Rassilon I know that feeling, there are some old incoming and outgoing email spools in the files I ended up digging through, those date back to the mid 1990s when the A1200 was driving my Demon internet connection!

    After a couple of hours extending 1084S picture for 480P widescreen and tweaking the colour yesterday, all of the videos are using it now and I’m almost inordinately pleased with the result. =-)

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