Workprint – January 2019

So we’ve started a new year but I still have a little unfinished business with the Intro Creation Competition that, since the competition’s deadline looms this coming Sunday, should appear in the appropriate places by the weekend if all goes well. I adore the ICC for giving me a deadline to code to and spawning so many cool intros each time but, since each coder only gets three “slots”, that leaves me with quite a few spare effect ideas, logos and indeed half completed intros knocking about by the end to the point where I’m probably good for the next two iterations.

Now, since it’s sort of becoming “traditional” here’s my new year’s resolution for 2019 – it’s the same as last year, 320 by 200 pixels.

There’s an extremely good chance that I’ve been subconsciously attempting to wear that “joke” out over the years. At the start of 2018 I ported the C64’s power up screen to bitmap ready to draw in a logo but, when I ran out of time, just pushed the unedited conversion out on social media as a PNG. This time the image has gained that planned logo so, if things progress at this terrifyingly fast rate, I might have a complete intro by 2021 or perhaps 2022 if there’s a sprite effect of some kind.

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