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Another day, another intro

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

It’s nearly that time of year again so, before I start thinking about hiding places around the house to hibernate in until January, here’s another intro for Laxity’s competition over at the CSDb. It’s called Oldstyle because I was going for a 1980s “vibe” and in particular the “tons of rasters and FLD” look, but with some tweaks and a logo inspired by various Apple II crack screens and Rasputin Music by Razor 1911 and Star One. Here’s a still…

…and the now compulsory but still somewhat dodgy YouTube video of the code running as well (so you can at least enjoy Sean Connolly’s music and get a rough idea of what it looks like moving)…

Also, “bah humbug” and there’ll probably be one more intro before the deadline, possibly even two with the second being released outside the competition. (And for those wondering what happened to the remixed version of Co-Axis, it’ll turn up at some point but I ran out of free time and missed the RGCD deadline!)

A quick introduction

Monday, November 17th, 2014

There hasn’t been much to say for a month apparently, in fact I was gone long enough for the web server to demand a reboot so it could check for updates! Never mind, there’s been a bit of activity at the Cosine website with the release of Macro Sleep, an intro for the second Intro Creation Competition over at the C64 Scene Database. Here’s what the demo looks like…

…and on YouTube there’s a lightly toasted version since it apparently doesn’t like my code not using a black background or something?!

This was loads of fun to produce, the effect is based on the first real part from the excellent demo Micro Sleep by Xakk (so no prizes for guessing where the name came from and have a look if you haven’t seen it already) and the tile count was increased by throwing memory at it. I can only assume that it was a combination of the hypnotic waves the effect produces and noticing the announcement for the intro competition that led to an unexpected Friday evening at the keyboard to bolt in a logo, the text lines and a scrolling message before looking through Adam Hay’s unreleased tunes to finish it off…

Accosting cosplayers in Manchester

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

So last Friday saw Spencer and I piling worrying quantities of computer equipment into his surprisingly spacious Mazda and wandering over to Event City in Manchester for the Play Expo. Once there we unloaded and I started making things up planning the layout for the weekend and setting up the Oldschool Gaming computers.

Things didn’t go entirely to “plan” of course, the telly taken along for the VIC 20 decided to start ignoring its own controls and wouldn’t flip over to the composite input (so a CRT portable was blagged from the organisers), the monitor cables on the Amstrad CPC464 are becoming temperamental in their old age so it would occasionally drop green from the picture and the Spectrum’s VGA upscaler had sync problems so the picture would jitter and roll occasionally. Only that last one was an issue that couldn’t eventually be “fudged” on the spot.

The event was, as is always the case with Play, a huge amount of fun and our kit was set up in pretty much the right area, not too far from the “beaten track” but away from the louder areas to the point where Frank Gasking, Mark Ball and I could actually have conversations with people about the games and hardware on show without having to pretty much yell ourselves hoarse!

The machines themselves saw quite a bit of use over the weekend as well, with Commando Arcade on the C64 (which takes Chris Butler’s original 1980s code and yanks it apart to add the missing levels, stop the sprites flickering and generally improve things) seeming to be the most popular on display, even attracting some of the security staff… or at least I think he was?

I’d like to thank the people behind Play (and there are far too many for my still dessicated brain to remember even twenty four hours later so I won’t list names for fear of forgetting someone) for putting on such a great event and inviting me along to fill a very small corner of it, all of the people who stopped by for a chat, Mark and Frank for coming along with their own hardware and helping on the stall so I had a chance to wander around and Spencer for giving me a bed for the two nights and driving us around once again.

There’s a photo album to go with this post which is, for some completely unexplainable reason, just a teensy bit “cosplay heavy”.

Play 2014

Pictures taken in the run up and during Play 2014 in Manchester on the 11th and 12th of October.