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Cosine website overhaul

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

The Cosine website has just been relaunched this afternoon with a pretty new template and some serious overhauling of the back engine to make it easier to maintain. So now it looks like this…

…and yes, that’s a new release in the screenshot available to download right now; Lunar Blitz RX is an expanded version of Lunar Blitz which looks more like the recent Atari 8-bit version and uses the C64 version of Matt Simmonds’ tune Zoomer which was converted for the C16 version.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also Warflame RX available to download for the first time and this was the remixed version of scrolling shooter Warflame that tweaks the cosmetic details, makes the collisions less sensitive and fixes some of the issues the original had with difficulty. The work was done for the Cronosoft cassette and disk releases.

The results are in

Friday, June 27th, 2014

The results of the Kaz Kompo 2013 came out yesterday where Atari 8-bit fans could vote on their favourite games that were released in 2013 (Callisto came third for 2012) . There were eighty two entries in total and the top three didn’t come as a major surprise because Assembloids, Death Chase XE and The Hunt (which came first, second and third respectively) deserved those rankings:

I was pleased to see Battle Eagle coming in at a respectable seventh place as well; the less than stellar response it received in the ABBUC competition has bugged me more than a little, especially when I found out after the competition that there’s an issue with the mode I used that trashes the graphics on later Atari XEs and the game was marked down because of that. It left something of a sour taste and, unlike last year, I didn’t start anything for the 2014 competition so, although there might yet be an entry, it won’t be anywhere near as involved technically as either Callisto or Battle Eagle.

Won’t let the sun go down

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Sundown 2014 took place this weekend and I sent along three bits of code to be released under the newly-resurrected Slipstream banner. One was just a pretty music player for a tune by Bex on the Atari 8-bit…

…which ended up in the demo competition, whilst the other was How Does This Work Again?, a small single-part Spectrum demo again with music from Bex. It’s incredibly simple stuff and the most complicated bit was getting the Arkos Tracker music playing (I’d never worked with it before and tunes have to be assembled with the driver rather than just compiled from the program) but it was only my second or third attempt at Z80 code, so go easy on me okay?

Who knows, at some point I might feel brave enough to try writing a Spectrum, MSX or Amstrad CPC game!