Workprint – November 2018

So my plans for releasing last weekend went… well, badly. Ongoing illness and me never being at my best this time of year aside, the main reason is that my ability to plan ahead is at best negligible and what little “skill” is actually there will often be completely overpowered by industrial quantities of procrastination. Plan A was started but was too ambitious so ran out of steam and the switch to a more realistic Plan B simply arrived too late in the day to be viable. It’s probably telling that my last contribution to X was For Teh Win in 2006 – back when I was more able to pull all-nighters if needed – where the actual workload was smaller since it ran from a single file and I didn’t do the graphics…

It’s not that I didn’t get anything done though because some code was written and indeed linked, so what I’m “planning” to do now is consolidate Plan B and another project that’s been on the back burner for ages into one, easily manageable demo with the intention being to push the results out of the door in time for the C64 competition at Forever next year since there’ll be a joke in there which should hopefully work with that audience… because if you can’t be top of the pops for technical expertise and haven’t really got the conviction to carry off something thematic, try going for the laugh.

Anyone who hasn’t looked at the releases from X’2018 should give them a go, there were twenty one demos and six 4K intros in total (as well as a couple more demos released outside the competitions and a metric bucketload of music and graphics entries) with even the just-for-fun entries like the one from Poo-Brain – only the second C64 release from the newly-minted C64 division of a usually Windows-based group – being enjoyable to watch.

As an unexpected but happy Wednesday morning addendum, I’ve just noticed that the CSDb Intro Creation Competition is back for 2018 as of Monday. The closing date is on the 6th of January 2019 so that’s a solid two months of coding time and participants can enter up to three intros. I’ve thrown my hat into the ring for a couple of previous instances so it’s the well that Macro Sleep, Refix 2017 and Koalatro sprang from as well as C64CD release Clonetro. I think there’s a few existing ideas knocking around amongst my workfiles so, once things are back on a more even keel, I’ll have to start dusting them down to see where I stand.

An odd start to the day

My demo project has been put on hold because I’m not really well enough to continue working on it right now; the decision was made for a couple of reasons yesterday morning and since then I’ve slept far too much and gained a rather persistent headache that’d make the Queen swear like a sailor so it seems it was a good call even if I didn’t realise at the time. Next Tuesday is the regular workprint post, so I’ll go into a little more detail about where things stand during that in the usual, vague manner.

I was feeling pretty down after making that call yesterday, but today I awoke to find a pending comment on yesterday’s post which just contained a link to the GameFaqs forums; each game in their database also gets a dedicated message board area and, for some reason I may never get my head around, the one for my C64 shoot ’em up Warflame seems to have become a general purpose discussion area with over 3,300 threads at the time of writing, some of which date back to 2012. Topics just on the first page right now include a couple of long-running threads about American animation and Anime along with gaming-related discussions on Dead By Daylight, Overwatch and the recent Spiderman game, but it seems that absolutely anything goes and, apparently, has done for over half a decade now.

So yes, that’s a thing… and part of me is absolutely delighted that such chaos is being perpetrated in my name – or at least the name I made up – without my even being aware of it, but I’m not sure about accepting the invitation to stick my head around the virtual door because they’ll either worship me as their god or more likely organise a lynching and I’m not massively keen on either option! Still, thanks to the commenter who gave me the link and hello if you got here from the “I found the creator of Warflame” thread.

Old School Demo 3 (PC)

It’s All Hallows’ Eve girls and boys, so time for something appropriately spooky from deep within Cosine’s cobweb-strewn crypt; on the slab tonight is Dark Bit Factory forums and inspiration was taken from a Halloween demo released by Arkanix Labs for the C64 back in 2013, specifically the hidden screen.

As with the previous instalments in the series, the PureBasic source code and appropriate assets are included in the archive for those curious as to how the code works. And when you exit the demo, there’s ghostly laugh which originally comes from the closing titles of kids telly classic Rentaghost!