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Workprint – July 2015

Monday, July 6th, 2015

I’m well and truly in “demo mode” right now so, apart from a small fix for Hammer Down to hopefully prevent an extremely rare but annoying raster overrun, most of my coding time has been spent doing demo-ish things including getting my head around some $D011 “features” that I haven’t really played with previously – if this code’ll escape into the wild is anyone’s guess at this point.

Workprint posts are going to be a tad sparse though because, although it probably sound pretentious, to my mind at least demos are about “the show” and posting screenshots of the code before release would spoil that. But there is at least the option of putting up some graphics, for example here’s an AFLI logo for the C64…

…but it looks a bit square because the shape was defined by what I plan to have happening around it. For something more rounded, here’s the first draft of the tile-based character set I built to go with the Plus/4 logo that was posted previously

…and yes, that’s a very old version of Char Pad because, although the latest beta versions seem to work without breaking my existing projects (there still seem to be some features missing but hopefully that’ll be dealt with for the release version) and the new tile sizes are on the “fun tool to play with” list, the venerable but surprisingly unclunky format converter I wrote years ago for stripping character, tile and map data out from CTM files is going to need a major overhaul because it doesn’t support the more recent versions!

Engage smug mode

Monday, June 8th, 2015

So this blog is fairly smug to begin with, but I’ve got slightly more reason than usual at the moment; the latest issue of the excellent disk-based magazine Vandalism News was released at the Flashback party and it includes an article about the history of RGCD written by James “Heavy Stylus” Monkman which (and here comes the self-satisfied grin) name checks me quite a lot.

But putting my almost painfully over-inflated ego aside for a moment, the piece is very interesting and should probably be required reading for anyone considering the whole retro or indeed indie publishing gig. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a new tune from Rock of Finnish Gold in there and that is just several different shades of awesome.

And since I’m doing a particularly “look at me” kind of update today, a photo with me in it at Play Blackpool will apparently be appearing in Retro Gamer’s event report soon (presumably issue 143). So yeah, fame at last and all that – where do I sign up for a couple of groupies…?

Workprint – June 2015

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Whoops… so last month’s workprint got a little “lost” but there wasn’t much going on so that’s okay; there’s only a couple of things for me to waffle about this time so we’ll start with Hammer Down which, after a slight deviation where Sean said he wanted to extend the music and asked for another 512 precious bytes of memory, is now officially finished. And yes, it’s quite difficult to type when you’ve got your fingers crossed.

The second thing is that I’ve been in a somewhat demo-ish mood of late so have started drawing logos and doodling code ideas; there are plans over at Plus/4 World for a new instalment in the Cracker’s Demo series and I have half a part written which should be using this logo…

…and, because I’m “oldschool”, raster effects (but since I’m used to keeping demo ideas under wraps, the specifics will remain shrouded in “mystery” for the moment). After that things are somewhat vague right now, with just Blok Copy for the Plus/4 announced and a couple of other games currently under my hat

2016 is also Cosine’s 30th anniversary and I really want to get some demos and possibly even another game out the door during that year… and I do have a bucketload of mostly C64 prototypes right now, so if anyone wants a party invite or BBS advert it might be worth getting in touch!