The wheels on the bus

So it’s that time of year again (or one of them at least) when I clamber aboard a National Express coach and trundle my way southwards in search of family and friends. As with the journey this time last year (but oddly, not the one between those two) there’s a partial wifi service onboard… partial in the sense that it’s working enough for me to check in on at least some of my social media and post to this ‘ere blog, but other services aren’t working including pretty much all of Google.

The problem appears to be certificates getting mangled by the Cisco Umbrella-based filtering again, with the result being that pretty much anything that isn’t Google’s search or, for some reason, translate seems to be mangled by the time it gets to me. That’s something of a pain because, along with occasionally checking emails, I would’ve liked to use YouTube videos in order to kill some of the journey time and aAs it stands I’m instead making my own entertainment by posting from a coach whilst listening to the soundtrack of Thunder Force 3 and then probably firing up Steam and playing a little Gridrunner Revolution or Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.

Speaking of YouTube, since I’m away from my desk (and more specifically, the battered HP desktop with a half decent video card and Vegas Pro installed and all of the raw video files) for the best part of a there won’t be a post or associated video going up this coming Saturday. Sorry to my myriad fans who will doubtless be heartbroken…!

Workprint – February 2019

So that’s January out of the way and, after the rush of throwing things out the door over the “festive” period, I seem to have come to something of a halt. I’m not sure what I actually want to work on right now and part of me is pondering the switch to game code… although Rassilon alone knows which project at this point. I have a few which are ridiculously close to finished and there’s a couple in the pending pile which need more attention but even choosing from those – including a few that have never been spoken of, apart from in hushed tones with other members of Cosine – will doubtless prove difficult.

There are a few less sensible ideas on the “to do” list that might get some attention as well though, most of them are partially complete projects filed under the “I wonder if” category and are more proof of concept than anything else. On top of that there’s a range of platforms I want to play with at some point, but those are going to require further research so probably aren’t going to go anywhere in the short term. Perhaps I need to take a couple of days to sit down and think about it…

Far too easily distracted

I’ve been a little more “out there” than usual recently, so there haven’t been many posts and the short version of what happened is, basically, that things just got on top of me. It doesn’t help that there’s been something literally getting on my nerves for the last week either; the fan bearings in my web server’s PSU appear to be close to completely shot so it’s making one hell of a racket, something that isn’t particularly conducive to writing, coding or indeed trying to think! I don’t want to just shut down and swap parts in case something goes south in the process, so I’m in the process of putting together a “stunt server” that’ll step in and keep things ticking until something more permanent is sorted.

Things should start returning to “normal” this coming weekend, assuming I don’t get even more caught up in either Carmen Sandiego or High Score Girl – I suspect it’s just me who gets excited seeing footage of Viper Phase 1 in the latter’s opening titles – on Netflix than I have been the last couple of days.