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WannaClone (C64 and Atari 8-bit)

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Two releases for the price of one this time, although they’re built on the same block of scroller code. WannaCrypt for the C64 and Atari 8-bit is a teensy demo with a loose copy of the WannaCrypt decryption tool and a scrolling message which is, due to a discussion about simple encryption at the Atari Age forums, reversibly mangled using a couple of simple techniques. Here’s the C64 version which features an old but still golden tune composed by Marc “Skywave” Francois…

…and this is what it looks like on the Atari 8-bit with graphical help from José Pereira and accompanied by Miker on the POKEY. There are even vertical colour splits being used on this one!

The source code for both the C64 and Atari 8-bit versions are available at GitHub, although they don’t come with the painfully hacky BlitzMax tool which takes some text and creates a mashed up binary file.

MD201701 (Atari 8-bit)

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Here comes the second release of the day (and yes, it feels extremely weird “saying” that ), this time called MD201701 and for the Atari 8-bit; raster-flavoured code and the character set are mine, with the music this time being a conversion of an old Adlib tracker song produced by Adam “Sack” Hay.

The bars are a combination of colour splits to set the base hue and sixteen possible lines of bitmap data for the luminance, so any entry in the full 256 colour GTIA palette is available on each scanline – the majority of raster bar demos only use the 128 colour CTIA colours – although I’m only using 240 in total because two sixteen shade sets of brown are so close that one might as well be skipped. There are only two bars plotted for each frame, but an “infinite rasters” routine which cycles through six buffers and rotates the palette on each pass makes things look busier than they are in reality.

Oh, the scrolling messages both have eight colour splits per scanline which was a nightmare to get timed correctly and required quite a bit of hoop jumping in the process! This release was part of the New Years Disc 2017 and organised through the Atari 8-bit section of the Atari Age forums, grab the entire package because it’s worth it!

Workprint – February 2016

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

There hasn’t been much happening on the code front at Chez Roundabout of late; there’s a C64 intro I was asked to write for a Twitch channel which is going to be bundled up as a release soon (if all goes to “plan”) and I’ve added a couple of new prototypes to my already worryingly large pile too, with one earmarked to potentially become a monthly demo at some point. The April instalment of said series is also in the “planning” stages too and, hopefully, there’ll be a little Cosine meeting for that one so I don’t have to write the scrolltext!

There has been a new release from “the other project” in the form of Clone Stars, a copy of the Atari Stars Demo released by by the GPS in 1990; don’t expect much because it’s just a picture (originally converted from the Amiga to the C64 nearly two decades ago and suddenly I feel very old) with a hardware sprite starfield under it, neatly sandwiched between a couple of text lines with colour splits. I was still quite pleased with the results visually, although this is bread and butter code on the Atari 8-bit.

Actually, one of the reasons I haven’t been particularly active on the coding front is that I spent some time dismantling the contents of my desk to rewire it and blagged an old television trolley as well; the latter holds my trusty Breadbin and Turbo Chameleon, Wii, Playstation 2 and, when I get around to moving it, an Xbox 360 as well. The wiring looks like a small thermonuclear device went off down the back with that lot in place, but there’s also a five way SCART switcher hooked up to the 15″ 4:3 CRT with the audio output going to a set of speakers via one channel on a mixer so whatever is using the telly goes out through the amp as well.

Oh, and I’ve downloaded a metric bucketload of demos over the last couple of weeks to bulk out my collection and found what I believe might be the bestest crew name everThe Warlock Federation Of Avenger Electronix from Germany. How’s that for overkill?