Cosine website overhaul

The Cosine website has just been relaunched this afternoon with a pretty new template and some serious overhauling of the back engine to make it easier to maintain. So now it looks like this…

…and yes, that’s a new release in the screenshot available to download right now; Lunar Blitz RX is an expanded version of Lunar Blitz which looks more like the recent Atari 8-bit version and uses the C64 version of Matt Simmonds’ tune Zoomer which was converted for the C16 version.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also Warflame RX available to download for the first time and this was the remixed version of scrolling shooter Warflame that tweaks the cosmetic details, makes the collisions less sensitive and fixes some of the issues the original had with difficulty. The work was done for the Cronosoft cassette and disk releases.