Escape the pirate planet

The final 16K cartridge version of Vallation was released in the early hours and it can be downloaded from the Cosine website or grabbed along with the other entries from the RGCD website and the C64 Scene Database. I’ve also uploaded a video to my olde YouTube channel of the game playing:

There are three levels containing seventy one screens, all crammed into just shy of 16K (it could have been optimised a little, but currently there are less than 150 bytes of free ROM in the cartridge image) and, assuming the player has a good knowledge of the levels, playing through in a hurry will take around nine minutes whilst going for score bumps that up to thirteen.

Fiddling whilst ROMs burn

Just a quick update to mention a new C64 release; Vallation (which defines as a “rampart or entrenchment”) is my entry for the RGCD 16K cartridge competition this year. The game itself is a flip screen shoot ’em up similar in style to Cybernoid but using character-based graphics rather than bitmaps, running from under 16K compressed and nowhere near as painfully difficult to play! Here’s what the most recent debug build (with handy border colour changes showing where the 6510 is busy) looks like:

The 16K version which is going to be released during the competition has two levels containing over forty screens and we’re just waiting for the final music from Sean Connolly before it can be properly declared “done”… and if there’s time and space, a brave but ultimately foolhardy attempt to cram a third stage in will probably be made.