MD201701 (Atari 8-bit)

Here comes the second release of the day (and yes, it feels extremely weird “saying” that ), this time called MD201701 and for the Atari 8-bit; raster-flavoured code and the character set are mine, with the music this time being a conversion of an old Adlib tracker song produced by Adam “Sack” Hay.

The bars are a combination of colour splits to set the base hue and sixteen possible lines of bitmap data for the luminance, so any entry in the full 256 colour GTIA palette is available on each scanline – the majority of raster bar demos only use the 128 colour CTIA colours – although I’m only using 240 in total because two sixteen shade sets of brown are so close that one might as well be skipped. There are only two bars plotted for each frame, but an “infinite rasters” routine which cycles through six buffers and rotates the palette on each pass makes things look busier than they are in reality.

Oh, the scrolling messages both have eight colour splits per scanline which was a nightmare to get timed correctly and required quite a bit of hoop jumping in the process! This release was part of the New Years Disc 2017 and organised through the Atari 8-bit section of the Atari Age forums, grab the entire package because it’s worth it!

Refix 2017 (C64)

Well, we’ve finally got through 2016 and my first bit of code for the new year is Refix 2017 on the C64, a developed from scratch, expanded remake of an intro that Cosine used on games and tools during the 1990s. The original version looked like this…

…and here’s a video of the new version with a brilliant cover of the Amiga module Macrocosm handled by Andy Vaisey, the box around the screen being pushed into the upper and lower borders, a high resolution bitmapped logo and some quite frankly bonkers colour splitting on the text…

This was my third and, for this instalment, final release for the CSDb Intro Creation Competition and, although it was initially quite painful to actually get going – the colour effect was a tricky little bugger to get timed up – and needed quite a bit of late in the day optimisation to make the music fit, this really was a blast to code!

There’ll be another post about my second piece of code this year in the extremely near future, mainly because it’s another NYD contribution for the Atari 8-bit and should turn up online a little later today!

Workprint – January 2016

2015 has ground to a shuddering halt and I’m still faintly surprised that these monthly updates are getting posted on at least a reasonably regular basis… and that, generally speaking, the Monthly Demo idea is working too! This really isn’t like me at all, usually something gets started only to be forgotten a few months down the line.

So my little Atari 8-bit demo MD201601 is out as part of New Years Disk 2016, the now traditional burst of celebratory activity from the Atari 8-bit scene that Cosine have contributed to a couple of times previously; unlike the previous efforts however, this one was actually planned a few weeks in advance and written from the core interrupts upwards so, again, I’m wondering where all of this forward thinking came from and if I’m perhaps ill or something? Health worries aside, here’s what it looks like in motion…

…and the source code can be blagged from the Github repository along with the relevant binaries, but I’m not currently planning a “how it works” post this time; that’s partly because I already have something of a backlog but mostly down to it just being a particularly messy thirty two point plotter leaning on some unrolled loops and self-modifying code to make it work that’s been paired up with some colour splits and a couple of different routines stuffing data into it.

T’other “side project” has been quite busy as well by the way (perhaps it shouldn’t be referred to in the third person like that since it’s just me…?) with Torus Clone being released on the C64 to complement a post pondering the inner workings of Jeff Minter’s demo Taurus 2; by strange coincidence it uses a plotter routine as well, but only eight points working to a thirty two pixel square area.

So Happy New Year to all of my committed readers (and as always, when I say committed they probably should be!) and… oh, lets face it I’m crap at this sort of thing so just pretend I said something interesting and thought provoking about the future here, okay?!