MD201705 (C64)

There’s no theme to MD201705 so I can’t mumble about that for this post, but it does rework an effect I did previously in the demo Mish Mash, covering a larger area of the screen and updating the colour RAM this time as well as adding some more cosine curves for good measure.

It’s available to download from the usual suspects and the source code is available from Github too. There’s no YouTube video at the time of writing but I’m in the process of rethinking how to do those for better results.

Workprint – May 2017

I’m completely messed up this month due to the web server spluttering and screwing its boot drive’s file system (did I lose a workprint from last month or just forget…?) and going through the final preparations for getting married in a week’s time so the workprint is rather late! And yes, I’m lightly terrified about getting hitched, the lack of throughput on this ‘ere blog should indicate that I’m not particularly comfortable with being in the limelight!

The post about the April instalment in the release was lost so I might as well bundle it in here so there’s a pretty screenshot to look at! MD201704 was for the Commodore 128 and used 2MHz mode in the upper and lower borders to get sixteen pixel wide colour splits. The inspiration came from seeing Rabenauge’s Elvis Copper on the Revision 2017 Twitch stream and wondering why the colour splits on their demo were so wide with only two distinct colours per scanline. Since I’d been playing with a four cycle wide splitter with three colour values and 2MHz enabled on the C128 anyway, that code was brought forward and overhauled to install the plotter and scroller.

Speaking of Revision, have a look at Ninja Dev’s What Are You Syncing About? because it’s a lovely piece of work – there’s no chance of any machine at Chez Roundabout running it without the result being more a slideshow than a demo, but that link goes to the YouTube video I’ve been trying to wear out.

Finally, the workprint itself and, as noted, spare time is a little more scarce this month but I’ve managed to get MD201705 on the C64 mostly written with just a couple of cosmetic features and the scroll text left on my “to do” list. Basically it’s a reworking of something I’ve done previously with a few extra tweaks and a little more colour, but I’m quite pleased with the results and it should turn up at some point either next week or possibly the week after depending on what I’ll amuse myself by calling “my schedule”.

MD201605 (C64)

One thing I’m occasionally prone to (in much the same way that the Pope is, allegedly, occasionally prone to defecating in woodland areas) is getting a little carried away; the simple DYCP I’ve previously mentioned was going to be just that, it really was… until part of me decided to bolt a similarly simple tech tech routine in!

And stopping with only two thirds of the screen occupied like that would have been close to impossible, difficult, so MD201605 has all of the above and a third routine which might not even have an official name! In my mind it’s a “Drive rez” effect because it dissolves two logos together and I first saw it in a demo part by Drive which was a contribution to The Ruling Company’s Mega-Co Demo back in 1989.

The source code has some ACME trickery to unroll the DYCP clear and draw routines (so there’s just the one iteration in the source with a loop around it to generate a large chunk of code in the binary) but should still be readable since there are no “trickier” optimisations like MD201602 has to obfuscate things. I wonder if my DYCP fixation is dealt with now…?