Retro Gamer 90

Another month, another issue; Hard Hat Harry and Hyper Viper represent for the BBC Micro (and the former on the Electron as well) as a platformer and Snake variant respectively, number-sorting puzzler NES 15 is in the hizzle for the NES and there’s more puzzles from Kolmik Deluxe Edition, which is bigging up the Atari ST posse. [Ahem]

On the indie side of things there’s Autocross Racing from Psytronik on the PC, cool cutesy blasting stuff from Mimi in the Sky on XBLIG and I managed to sneak a review of the slightly disappointing cross development tool Char Pad 1.7 as well. Charlie Knight’s Mini Bullet Candy is the Flash Boredom and the interview is with Shmups forum bunny Udderdude who is going it alone as a developer and deserves a bit of support!

And wandering off at a bit of a tangent, I’ve persuaded Dean at Leeds market to convert my C64DTV2 as long as I source the parts and bring along a decent how to guide; here’s a picture of the stripped out board, fudged to a female Molex connector for power being fed by a PSU that came with a USB to 3.5″ hard drive interface from Hong Kong: