Forefinger on the button

The C64 demo called Bus Noise that I previously mentioned working on was released in the early hours of this morning at Sundown in sunny Budleigh Salterton. Code, some graphics and a bit of wiring work by me, more graphics by Bully The Kid/Slipstream and some excellent music by Scarzix/Offence.

There are entries for it at the CSDb, Pouet and Demozoo.

Workprint – August 2015

As noted in the last instalment, I’ve been feeling all demo-ish lately so have spent most of the last month writing demo code; the result is a dentro called Bus Noise and, assuming the music turns up in time for me to get the linking done, it’ll be released at Sundown this coming weekend under the Slipstream banner. Here’s a teaser screenshot from the opening credits…

…and I might try to get a few other bits and bobs ready for the UK’s only scene party as well, but it does depend somewhat on available time.

Also on the demo front I do have another, more long-term project in mind; back in the 1980s and to a lesser degree the 1990s we just used to throw a part or two together and release regardless of if there was a party. I’d quite like to work on smaller, monthly releases using spare assets in the same way – my primary concern is about tying myself down to a monthly deadline (since I’m not particularly well organised) but opinions are more than welcome and, since we’re on the subject of bravery, I’m toying with setting up a Patreon account but worry that nobody loves me enough…!

Won’t let the sun go down

Sundown 2014 took place this weekend and I sent along three bits of code to be released under the newly-resurrected Slipstream banner. One was just a pretty music player for a tune by Bex on the Atari 8-bit…

…which ended up in the demo competition, whilst the other was How Does This Work Again?, a small single-part Spectrum demo again with music from Bex. It’s incredibly simple stuff and the most complicated bit was getting the Arkos Tracker music playing (I’d never worked with it before and tunes have to be assembled with the driver rather than just compiled from the program) but it was only my second or third attempt at Z80 code, so go easy on me okay?

Who knows, at some point I might feel brave enough to try writing a Spectrum, MSX or Amstrad CPC game!