A change of style

Or more accurately, a change of WordPress theme; the old Kubrik-based theme was showing its age a little so now I’m bang up to date… using Twenty Eleven! There’s a couple of new categories added to the side bar now, with all of the posts about events I’ve visited now bundled together under the Eventing umbrella and How It Works is all of the posts delving a little deeper into how a specific piece of code works. There’s also been a little tidying up, enforcing of the “house style” – that basically boils down to titles of games and so forth being in bold really, I don’t exactly have strict standards – and fixing or in a few cases removing dead linkage.

I have some programming to get on with over the “festive season” – insert the now traditional “bah humbug” here at your leisure by the way – with the intended release date being the New Years Disk for 2018, but at some point in the next week I’ll sit down with some Technical Difficulties audio episodes and take a second pass at the entire blog to double check and finish that tidying job, possibly even pausing to sort out the image and video widths along the way…

Circle in a spiral

So over the weekend I cleared all the spam queues, backed up my entire live server and upgraded six WordPress blogs… hang on, didn’t I do this last week already?! Well yes, a day after I diligently updated all but one of the blogs I manage, another WordPress update arrived and the whole process had to be started again! The last site to update, which was the one omitted from the last round of updates, has literally just finished so now everything is up to the latest versions. Phew.

In slightly more productive news, the updates to phpBB 3 last weekend added feed support to various forums, so both Oldschool Gaming and Format War now have a sparkly new “latest forum posts” module bolted into their homepage that, rather unsurprisingly, reads the most recent four forum posts and displays links to them. Nothing major to write home about of course (parsing XML from PHP is wondrously easy to do) but I’m still rather pleased with the results.

Speaking of Format War, the yet-to-be-launched reviews section is crawling painfully towards being live – there are five reviews in the system already and two more about two thirds of the way done.

Wheel within a wheel

So over the weekend I trashed a load of build folders on my build server, cleared all the spam queues, backed up my entire live server and burnt the archives out to DVD, upgraded six WordPress blogs including this one to the very latest version and parked, updated and restarted five phpBB3 boards as well. So that’s about seven hours work and… everything looks exactly the fecking same as when I started, at least it does as far as visitors to the sites are aware!

Talk about demoralising and, since this is literally the only thing that happened over the last couple of days, I really need to get out more at the weekend!