Retro Gamer 89

Hokey cokey, another issue of Retro Gamer is here so I’ll remember to post to this ‘ee blog; for the classic platforms, the games are the Amstrad CPC conversion of Sub Hunter, platforming action from Gimme Bright on the Spectrum, a C64 clone of Lady Bug called Lady Kakerlak and The Wicked Father for the Atari 2600 is a platformer with an unusual twist to the storyline.

On the current generation platforms there’s a NES-themed online role playing game called Nestalgia, Snake Man is representing for serpents on XBLIG and Attack of the Mutant Camels from Mars is a scrolling shoot ’em up with a ridiculously long name. Finally, Grand Mystic Quest of Discovery is a nice little exploring Flash platformer using the C64 palette and the Homebrew Heroes interview is with Abraham Morales, one of the developers behind the excellent Vorpal.

There’s also the collector’s guide to the Commodore 64 and at the bottom of page 29 is a photograph I was asked to take of a TIB DD-001 disk drive; I’ve actually got two of ’em and they’re 3.5″ DS/DD drives that connect through the cartridge port and transfer data in parallel like it’s going out of fashion! The disks are MSDOS format and the primary use for my two was transferring data from the Amiga to the C64 via CrossDOS.