Retro Gamer 75

I picked up the new issue today (from the local corner shop, Frank Gasking had a copy with him a week back when we met up but we were so busy talking that I barely got a chance to check my own bits!) and although there’s quite a bit of John Romero in there (I’m never going to be a fan of Doom I’m afraid), there are pieces on Tynesoft and Roadblasters that’ll be my first stopping points when I get a proper chance to read it.

As for my bit, the first spread this issue was a platformer on the Spectrum called Uwol: Quest for Money, Snake-flavoured action in Avoid for the VIC 20, a rather cool Sokoban clone for the Virtual Boy called Blox 2 and the rather lacklustre C64 shoot ’em up Space Limits 2. The second spread has Lets Go Find Eldorado and Eden’s Aegis for the PC and Decimation X on XBLIG.

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