Retro Gamer 100

Oh dear… I’m forgetting to post again, aren’t I? But here we go because this is a special occasion; Retro Gamer issue 100 is now available and, rather than my regular homebrew section (which turns four in April 2012… suddenly I feel old!) there’s a game what I wrote called RG Rampage in there as a type-in! In fact, here’s a video of it running:

In “other news” whilst I’m here, I was in Kent a few weeks back to visit family and head over to Margate for GEEK 2012 [mutters under breath about the name] where I had a great time, met up with assorted folks from the Retro Gamer forum, actually got a chance to play some games for a change and took a couple of photos – I’ll try to remember to write up a more thorough “report” or at least upload the piccies soon!

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