Fun with VGA

Today I got a couple of cables through the post; one was a short IEC serial cable for my 1541 Ultimate 2 (which is lovely and saves me having to burn my fingers trying to make one) and the other to connect the C64 used with said cartridge to S-VHS; the intention was to use a cheap and relatively cheerful VGA upscaler I got a few weeks back to run the C64’s output to a VGA monitor because they’re a lot more portable than the CRT tellies I’m currently borrowing or occasionally lugging along when taking machines to events like Play.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work as hoped and the upscaler seems extremely unhappy about anything it’s fed from the C64, throwing out a vertically stretched image with the colour almost totally washed out. This is pretty disappointing because the chances are that the Spectrum or Atari 8-bit will react in the same way so other options need to be considered… like actually spending some money sourcing a couple of 4:3 ratio LCD televisions.

On the plus side, the upscaler at least seems a bit more cheerful when connected to the Amiga 600 through composite video (although I’m not entirely happy with it, it certainly isn’t 50FPS and the edges on static graphics “move” quite a lot) whilst the new S-VHS cable works like a dream when connected to the video projector and I’ve just spent a good thirty minutes sat on the floor in our front room whilst playing Scout on one of the walls!

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