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Today has been a pretty lazy one; the morning was spent writing a post for another blog and watching the back end of The Dave Gorman Collection (having binge watched the first five yesterday) whilst the afternoon being reserved for several rounds of prodding at Facebook, watching assorted YouTube videos and occasionally pootling through some of my more regular online haunts. Which is sort of how I ended up doing a quiz over at Us Vs Th3m called “How Obsessed With Doctor Who Are You”. My final score was a mere 68 out of 81 – although that’s apparently 83% and the average score was more around the 56% mark – so not as obsessed as certain family members and friends would claim me to be.

But I digress somewhat, because this post was prompted by a specific question in the test:

Now, whilst I know what the Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade is, realising that someone else does by having it turn up as a reference in one of these online tests was something of a surprise! I used to be a fairly regular poster at rec.arts.drwho around the time the PMEB was formed and my then girlfriend (we first “met” in one of the Weekly Stats threads and subsequently ended up being written into one of the Bernice Summerfield books by Dave Stone) was one of the earliest members, which is how I ended up being an honorary member myself. Not in the sense that I lusted after the gentleman in question or anything, but more because I’d be taken along on PMEB outings to things like the play Sabina (performed in a teensy little place which was, basically, a large room above a pub with grand ideas!) where Paul was playing Carl Jung; I was there to hold coats and take photographs with an assortment of cameras.

The memory cheats as JN-T used to say, because mine is insisting that these events happened in 1997 despite all of the evidence to the contrary like the play only running in early 1998… so now I feel old and confused!

2 thoughts on “Unexpected reference

  1. That must have been an odd coincidence for you then!

    Just scored 64%. Got lots of the ‘fringe’ questions wrong – names of New Adventures books, etc. or questions such as ‘What does UNIT stand for?’ Well don’t try to trick me. I know what it stood for and what it does now, but give me half a chance and make the questions clear!

    Was also reminded how gorgeous Georgia Moffett is… :D

    And guess which question I managed to get right because of your post!? ;)

  2. It was a very odd coincidence yes, sort of like a fun but possibly slightly bizarre part of my own history sneaking up behind me to shout “boo!” in my ear when I wasn’t paying attention! That was around the time I last read the New Adventures books (I’ve gone through a few more recently, but mostly Dave Stone’s stuff which wasn’t in the test) so I didn’t do particularly well there either… and yes, the cheatsy question about UNIT bugged me too.

    I wasn’t sure about spoiling that eighty one question test by giving away one of the answers to be honest, the pros and cons were considered at very great length but, since I’m apparently a journalist and allowed to get away with that for the Greater Good or something, so why the hell not? =-)

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