Pimp my breadbin – part 2

It’s less than a fortnight until the Play Expo in Manchester so my thoughts have turned to preparing the computers that will be there under the metaphorical Oldschool Gaming banner (and at some point a literal banner will actually be purchased but in the meantime we have the cute little A5 standees). One of those systems will be the “pimped” C64… well okay, it’s still just a stock breadbin motherboard with a Nano SwinSID added so far, but after a bit of surprisingly industrious filing earlier it now resides in a C16 case!

It’s still very much work in progress because the keyboard needs to be completely stripped down and serviced, the case needs to go into the bath to clean it properly, the badge and power LED need changing… you get the idea. But the first steps have been completed with an unexpected degree of success; the cartridge port and RF modulator connector holes have been widened to allow for the differences between C16 and C64 motherboards:

The board seems happy with the new home (despite all the screws being missing apart from those needed for the keyboard) and it’s sat there running Shadow Of The Beast from cartridge right now because the SD2IEC that was being used for testing isn’t compatible any more; there isn’t a hole in the case for the cassette port it needs to draw power from.

2 thoughts on “Pimp my breadbin – part 2

  1. That looks like it’ll be a success when complete!

    Two questions:

    1) How many calories burnt during the filing and did it contribute to any unexpected weight loss?

    2) Why does your AR cart have a black button when both mine are red?

  2. 1) Very few and they were pretty much replaced by snacks during the process sadly.

    2) Because the buttons both broke on that particular AR6 and a friend replaced them for me with the parts i got from Tandy – he modified another one to extend the buttons out to a project box for my C128D as well. =-)

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