Dahn to Mahgit

Just a quick post because today I went down to Margate for the shiny new Play Margate at the Winter Gardens with Frank Gasking and Sean Connolly. My regular readers (there’s three I think?) will possibly remember that we rocked up to the same venue back in February for the most recent GEEK and were pretty disappointed by the lack of retro stuff, but this time there was loads to look at and appropriately enough play.

And between games of the coin-op 1942 or Fire Track on the BBC and some time spent in the bar area talking about ongoing projects, I did get a few photos taken and although I’m still not sure how spent some of that time harassing cosplayers without getting into trouble!

So to maintain what appears to be the trend for these posts, here’s a gallery of photos taken whilst wandering around with captions that probably say more than the post itself.

2 thoughts on “Dahn to Mahgit

  1. Thanks for the photos! Very jealous for missing out on all those lovely pinball machines and 1942 coin-op.

    Where did Sean get his Pac Man shirt?

  2. I had to ask Sean about the shirt; he says it was a gift and was told it either came from Sainsburys or Primark. =-)

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