Monthly Demo – September 2015

After quite a bit of soul searching and chatting to people on IRC, this blog and in person at Play Margate about the idea, the first monthly demo has been completed and released, with the download available from the Cosine website and CSDb. The name is MD201509 (or Monthly Demo – September 2015 to it’s parents) with the “serial number” approach being settled on because coming up with a one-file demo and a decent name at least once a month would have proved too taxing for my already caffeine-addled brain. The main part looks like this…

…and there’s a last minute bonus intro before it as well which even the other members of Cosine hadn’t seen before release because it was started on Monday when I was procrastinating about finishing the main part!

So now I’m sort of committed (or possibly should be committed) to the whole monthly demo concept and we’ll have to wait and see how much of a self-inflicted pain in the backside it becomes! Although I’m not particularly good at planning ahead there are already a couple of ideas milling around for future instalments so fingers crossed…

4 thoughts on “Monthly Demo – September 2015

  1. Will the monthly demos come out on other machines too?

  2. Yes, they’re going to be on a range of 8-bit systems – I can guess which one you’re thinking of and I’ve already been considering a few ideas. =-)

  3. Oh, bravo sir! Nice ‘old-school’ feel but with ‘modern’ effects. More please!

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