MD201603 (C64)

This month’s new entry into the Monthly Demo pantheon is MD201603, which was released earlier today. Programming and the character set were by me, but rather than finding an unused tune from a Cosine member, this time there is a brutal cover of the Protracker module Lost In Time from SAE’s collection Amazing Tunes 2 by new member aNdy who also did the logo and sprite graphics. He’s the person who comments occasionally on this ‘ere blog and essentially stops me from completely losing the plot.

The emphasis is once more placed on the scroller, which is a DYPP routine; that differs from MD201602‘s DYCP code by having just the one scroller but moving each pixel column independently rather than just each character column. The movement is also significantly more complicated here because, although going for the simpler single curve approach would’ve made this quite a bit less resource hungry, the double cosine movement just looked so nice!

I’ll get around to the regular “how it works” quite soon and the source code is already up at Github for those brave advemturers who want to go exploring completely unaided! Oh and don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the simple DYCP example that some nice people asked me to write as well and that’ll hopefully get done at the weekend if all goes to “plan”!

2 thoughts on “MD201603 (C64)

  1. Good to be on board with Cosine!

    As an exclusive to any readers of this blog, some details of the tune include:
    + written in Goatracker 2
    + started and almost finished in 2013, recently completed
    + around 14 instruments
    + about 50 patterns
    + 6m21s in length

    As Cosine is a ‘multi-format’ group, I guess I can use this as an opportunity to try pixelling and composing for other systems, as long as Jason points me in the direction of some decent Dec tools!

  2. At some point i’ll get around to compiling a list of tools… although half the time we just use generic stuff and cobbled together, bespoke converters! =-)

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