MD201606 – JSL Poop (C64)

I’m half a week behind with the post because… well life stuff again, but there was another new monthly demo released last Wednesday under the Cosine flag; it’s named MD201606 – JSL Poop because it uses a two and a bit screen high conversion of a JSL-drawn picture called CSDb Shit. It took a couple of days to convert the picture and clean it up so that the text was more legible, write the bitmap scrolling code and generally put everything together including a great last minute musical contribution from aNdy.

There’s been quite a bit of “scene drama” behind the picture; it was originally posted to Facebook by JSL for around twenty minutes until he decided to remove it but, social media being what it is, that was more than long enough for it to be downloaded and, a few hops later, there was the CSDb entry. The question of whether somthing like this counts as a C64 scene release has been raised in the comments there but, to my mind at least, it references people, a website and events within that scene so is perfectly valid even before we consider the C64 scene’s history of ragging images in paper-based magazines or on disk envelopes.

I was challenged over my actions and asked if I had a reason to hate JSL; the answer to that question is no I don’t and my primary motivation was the challenge of pushing the aforementioned image into the C64 and making it scroll, even if that proved to be far less difficult than I’d expected! But at the same time, JSL’s posting the original picture made a statement even if he wasn’t brave enough to stand by his guns afterwards, so in that respect MD201606 can probably be considered a tweak at his nose , albeit without much malice intended; perhaps it’ll serve as a reminder in future though, if he doesn’t want things he creates seen by others it’s best to not distribute them on the internet in the first place! There’s some source code I’ll possibly regret posting over at Github

2 thoughts on “MD201606 – JSL Poop (C64)

  1. Ah! Been waiting for the blog update (or for you to appear on IRC) just to comment on/ask about the scroller in the demo.

    Love the semi-transparent effect behind the ‘words’ in the scroller; looking at things, I can see the text part of the scroller is done with hires sprites with some kind of other sprite underlay ‘underlay’ which is somehow affecting/changing the colour of the image as it scrolls by?

    A really neat effect! Kind of reminds me of the Manta shadow in Uridium for some reason.

  2. It’s actually using the same technique as the Manta’s shadow! The scroller uses five high res sprites in a row and the remaining three are behind it and horizontally expanded. The set bits of the bitmap are the darker lines of the picture so, with the sprite priority bit set for those underlay sprites, they go behind them whilst the scroll itself is always on top.

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