MD201702 (C64)

Well girls and boys, t’s rather late and I’ve spent most of my free time today getting it ready for release so don’t have many words left for a blog post, but MD201702 for the C64 has just been released. It’s another “look at all the pretty FLI colours” routine similar to the one in MD201509, but writing two independent colour values per byte rather than just one. Oh, and there’s some horizontal scroll register splitting on each scanline during the FLI routine which tilts the entire thing simply because that was fun to put in!

The unrolled code updating the FLI colours takes the majority of the processing power, so the copyright symbols swinging back and forth are handled using a similar trick to the swinging logos in MD201602 but using characters… that one might need a “how it works” with more detail at some point but there’s something of a queue forming again, so in the meantime I’ll just point at the Github repository where the sort-of-human-readable source code can be found.

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Monthly Demo series as a whole and currently like the idea of “organising” it into seasons like television programmes tend to be arranged; that means I can take a break once in a while without worrying about it.

2 thoughts on “MD201702 (C64)

  1. The ‘seasons’ idea seems reasonable, so you don’t burn out and/or get totally pee’d off.

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