Workprint – February 2017

Well it’s been quite a while… but here’s a workprint post with almost no real information in it!

First off, after the “blip” at the end of 2016 I’m back to doing the Monthly Demo series and a couple of candidates are being prodded at for this month; I do want to expand the reach of that series a little as regards platforms, but will have to do a little “organising” since I don’t currently own the appropriate hardware for testing in some of those cases! I’ve been writing code using cross assemblers and emulators for over fifteen years now, and the most important lesson that’s taught me is to “metal test” everything before it goes out the door.

There’s a spot of learning that needs doing for some of the potential projects as well – my Z80 is still very weak and a few of the systems under consideration don’t have music editors available, so a probably half-arsed solution needs to be constructed which will allow someone with musical talent (so just to be clear, not me) to compose for for those cases. There’s a fairly substantial collection of half finished parts and routines for a range of platforms that could do with some attention so that they can escape into the wild. And yes, I know this is all rather painfully vague but at the moment I’m not sure which of these more out there ideas is even viable so I’m keeping my cards reasonably well hidden at least for now.

I am also, to hugely understate things for comedic effect, just a teensy bit behind with the “how it works” posts and will try to get onto that at some point soon; the two that I feel are most urgent are for the Cracker’s Demo 5 part and Koalatro since they’ve raised a few questions; the latter’s memory footprint seems to be surprising seasoned C64 coders, so I’ve been irritatingly smug about that for a while now despite having kept quiet about it actually taking 1K less than they think it does.

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