Here comes the groom

So about now I should be stood in a registry office in Leeds, wearing a suit of all things (yes me, wearing a suit… I don’t know how that happened either) and getting married. But through the power of WordPress automation, here I am posting about it at the same time, partly because there’s a couple of hours to go and I need something to occupy me so that the contents of my bag don’t get checked for a fourteenth time.

I was hoping to find time for finishing and releasing MD201705 yesterday but things didn’t entirely go to plan and most of the day was spent fretting with a pause around the middle where we went into town for the cake!

I probably should point out that I’m not worried about actually being married, Sue is my soul mate and we’ve been together for sixteen years so there’s no doubts in my mind on that front; I’m just not best keen on the whole getting married part of the deal, being somewhere close to the centre of attention. But I’ll deal with it and thanks to everyone who wished us both luck, especially the ones who got the abridged version of this post in response – sorry about that! I’d better go now, I need to get that bloody suit on and there’s bag check fourteen to do as well…

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