Workprint – September 2017

The lack of releases means this blog has been even quieter than usual… but things continue to happen in the background. For example, the rewrite of the Hex Files is still in the “exploratory stage” as I settle on an assembler and IDE to target, rethink the running order and actually start doing a bit of writing. CBM prg Studio initially looked promising but I really didn’t like the way it converts tabs to spaces in the source code; I’m used to whizzing around with the cursor keys so it feels somewhat stodgy. A few other options have popped up (feel free to insert a Finbarr Saunders reference here both for “popped up” and “insert”) so I’ll have to see if they feel any more comfortable.

Last month’s post also received a slightly less than subtle comment about Vallation. I forgot to mention it in said post, but it was the first piece of game code I started prodding around and a few changes have been made. The problem is that they’re not exciting enough to write about, essentially boiling down to just reorganising the memory layout to shift all of the graphics from bank 1 to bank 3 which makes space for extra level data required to expand the game out. At the moment this is all pretty much irrelevant until the end of game code is properly repurposed to act as an end of world event (each world is planned to be three levels sharing a graphical theme and, hopefully, some bespoke enemies) because it still stops after the original three levels unless I remove the checks, in which case the player instead gets deliberately stuck on the first screen of level 5’s map because it’s not done yet!

4 thoughts on “Workprint – September 2017

  1. Thanks for the update on Vallation. That comment last month was just me helping you, because you’ve mentioned being unsure which one of your ongoing projects to pick up next. :)

  2. If I can find some inspiration for the third set of backgrounds it might even get promoted to “main project”…! =-)

  3. Yay! Do you browse art archives like or for inspiration?

  4. No, it’s more a case of playing a metric bucketload of games and getting the occasional idea really. There are a few bits of Vallation world 3 already drawn which are loosely based on Alien 3 for example.

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