Workprint – January 2018

I’ve missed my first Friday “deadline” for 2008 2018, that’s a cracking start to the year… having a cold is my excuse and I’m sticking to it, although that might just be the mucus!

The aftermath of the “festive season” means that I didn’t have much of note to write about at the moment anyway, I’m still hacking away in the background at the Hex Files remix when I can find time and have been mulling over a game for C64CD which will no doubt prove to be just another cheap excuse to write a scrolling shoot ’em up, but I’m tempted to throw some of the sillier ideas I’ve had for “features” into the mix for that one.

And before I forget, couple of folks have asked why Blok Copy or DYCP 2018 didn’t appear in last month’s workprint; that’s a simple one really, neither project had been decided upon when the post went live! I like to think of myself as spontaneous, although everyone else seems to feel it’s more “annoyingly erratic”.

2 thoughts on “Workprint – January 2018

  1. Role on Hex Files rewrite! I’m waiting!

    And the 2008 in your opening sentence should probably be 2018. Out of interest, I did go through some of your old blog entries accessed through your old ‘TMR’s Workstation’ website but they stop at 2007 and there is a ‘Dev’ blog on blogger from May 2008, but if you had another general blog, I can’t find it…

    I’ll stop stalking now…

  2. I did say that I was ill… and no, there’s nothing between the old dev blog on Blogger and this one starting.

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