Old School Demo 1 (PC)

It’s an incredibly poorly kept secret that I love a good DYCP, but the latest Cosine release which includes one wasn’t actually programmed by me for a change! Old School Demo 1‘s name is a subtle, nuanced hint at what it might contain…

…and yes, it has a parallax starfield, Amiga-style colour rolling effects, two scrollers – one with the aforementioned DYCP – and a remix of the Uridium 2 titles tune playing in the background which was done by Jason Page himself. I sort of had a hand in the graphics, aNdy used the Cosine copyright symbol logo I did a while back but reworked it for the PC.

The download includes some handy PureBasic source code as well for those who fancy a dabble and, because aNdy wrote the code in part for folks who wanted to learn their way around said language, it’s been pretty much documented to within an inch of its life.

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