Playing Wunda Walter (VIC 20)

The planet Plato is in chaos, nasty little energy-based creatures called Fuzz Balls have invaded through a hole in time and need to be stomped on; only one creature can save the day in this manner, the loveable and rotund Wunda Walter needs to take out as many of the little… darlings as possible whilst avoiding the patrolling “manic depressive mutants practising body popping”. This was written in 1984 when video game scenarios were weird at the best of times and prolific Interceptor freelancer Keith “Howlin’ Mad” Harvey wrote the game so probably had a hand in the storyline as well.

Our hero starts each stage running along on a flat patch of ground but will need to take flight almost immediately to avoid death; this is done by holding the fire button down which causes Walter to inflate and float upwards with left and right on the joystick controlling his flight and releasing the button letting him drift downwards,. Since the majority of Plato’s surface will pop an unwary balloon-like creature, only the flat areas or Fuzz Balls should be considered safe to stand on and even then care must be taken since stepping halfway off a ledge will prove fatal.

The graphics are good but the VIC doesn’t have a hardware fine scroll register like later Commodore machines or the Atari 8-bit so the background shifts in character steps – one VIC character is about twice the width of those on the C64 for reference – with the software sprite movement being similarly chunky, but this doesn’t get in the way so Wunda Walter is still a playable if somewhat difficult game. Despite the emphasis in the storyline, splattering the Fuzz Balls is actually optional so merely avoiding the flight path of those body popping mutants and keeping clear of the landscape as it loops past a couple of times is enough to progress to the next level. There are four areas in total, each with their own distinct graphical elements and enemy attack pattern so learning both the lie of the land and how each nasty moves is essential for long-term survival.

I found out whilst writing this piece that Wunda Walter is considered a rare VIC 20 game these days, which is probably down to a combination of it arriving late in the VIC’s life cycle and requiring a 16K RAM expansion, both of which will have limited it ‘s potential audience. I still have my copy from the mid-1980s which I think was originally purchased from Interceptor themselves at a Commodore show in London, it’s currently tucked away in a storage box, sports the lurid green clamshell case and is apparently worth a few quid due to that aforementioned rarity… but don’t tell the wife, okay?

3 thoughts on “Playing Wunda Walter (VIC 20)

  1. Looks interesting. Not done much VIC 20 gaming to be honest. The colourful status area reminds me of the status area from Creatures 2 on the C64 and given the fact that ‘Wunda Walter’ is older, I guess the Rowland Bros are copy-cats… ;)

    Oh, and Sue!?!!?! Guess what!!!???!111

  2. Cool but the sfx is kinda irritating, one of the jingles are just like the one on Batman (speccy isomatric game by Jon Ritman)

    (BTW I like the Vic 20 palette)

  3. The music is a cover of The Yellow Rose Of Texas and yes, Wunda Walter is a bit noisy on the sound front but that’s normal of VIC games at the time; there’s only an overall volume for sound and everything is at the same level so some games have sparse sound whilst others go bonkers.

    And I’m still fairly safe aNdy, she doesn’t read my blog!

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