Unexpected Brexit consequences

So there I was working on some reviews for Retro Gamer and generally minding my own business the other day when an email rocked up from 123 Reg, the company I use for domains; that isn’t uncommon and they send notifications when renewals are due and the odd “how to improve your SEO” thing that I’ve never bothered reading, but this time was different…

We are writing to inform you that EURid (European Registry for Internet Domains) has decided that anyone without an EU postal address will no longer be able to own a .eu domain name once the UK leaves the EU.

EURid will therefore be terminating all .eu domain names registered to UK addresses on one of two dates.

Which is a bit of a bugger really… and the earliest date for this happening is March 2019 if the UK should stupidly decide to crash out of the EU without any deal in place. In my case, I’ve only got Kikstart.eu – I’ve always insisted it’s pronounced “kickstart you” to anyone who cared enough to actually ask – which has been my homebrew URL shortener for the last eight or thereabouts years which came about because I’ve built up what I consider to be a reasonably healthy mistrust of “free” online services and the domain was on offer for a quid and I was collecting TLDs at the time.

I’ve already migrated everything to a new home, registering Kikstart.me.uk over the weekend and spending some of yesterday knocking the non-fatal but still slightly annoying bugs out of my PHP in the process – in that respect EURid have done me a favour really, the chances of that work getting done otherwise were pretty slim – but this evening is being spent sorting out the rest of the relocation and trying to remember where there are external links pointing towards it. And trying not to forget anything important.

I’m sure some people will accuse EURid of being “petty” but I don’t blame them since this is actually no different than .US suffixes only being available to people or companies with at least demonstrable ties to the United States; I wouldn’t expect to be allowed one of those TLDs unless I met the relevant criteria and, since Brexit is literally the United Kingdom exiting the European Union, this makes complete sense. I do, however, blame the “Brexiteers” though…

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Brexit consequences

  1. Yet another ‘unforeseen’ example of the million problems that leaving the EU will bring about that nobody was told about or thought of. What a disaster…

  2. Left the EU in 2010, not had any issues yet, except for ending up with a d**k of a president. ;)

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