Watching Crazy Demo (C64)

Crazy Demo by the Norwegian Crackware Company was released way back in 1985 and the style is reminiscent of other releases around that time like the titles page of the Flying Crackers’ game Crackers Revenge; it’s bright and delightfully cluttered with multiple scrolling messages poolting past, some elements pulsing through the C64’s five shades of grey and a sprite logo pushed into the lower border. All of this is accompanied by Rob Hubbard’s Crazy Comets soundtrack, which works well regardless of which tune has been selected via a prod of the space bar.

This is a fun one-parter which came up during a Facebook discussion about the origins of the demo scene a couple of days ago, with former NCC member Stein Pedersen – currently a member of Offence, Prosonix and Panoramic Designs -posting a link as the topic slowly suffered a little bit of “feature creep” and drifted off into the realms of early demos. It was subsequently accompanied by a further tangent about classic Doctor Who titles sequences because they look a bit like demo tunnel effects, so that was me pretty much happy for the rest of the day.

It’s always interesting to see where people started out and, whilst it isn’t a C64 milestone in the same way that a couple of the other demos I’ve been squinting at recently like Readme.prg was for the Atari ST, Crazy Demo is still an early step in a fantastic demo programming career and a lovely example of C64 releases from that time. On a related note, I’m now stuck with the Crazy Comets theme rattling around my head for the rest of the day. Again.

2 thoughts on “Watching Crazy Demo (C64)

  1. I like the demo, another blast from the past. What impresses me most is the ‘smoothness’ of it. Although it’s simple, it has stuff in the border, multiple scrollers and flashing colours and all with no flickering; it hang’s together really well compared to some games of the era.

    The middle backwards scroller is something original (back then) that I wish more would do; quite a challenge reading it sometimes and keeps the brain cells active and fresh.

    And don’t speak to me about Crazy Comets music! About three weeks ago, I fancied a puzzle and blasting bout so downloaded Sensitive, Chip’s Challenge, Beam Rider (which I’m half-tempted to do a ‘remake’/update of) and the aforementioned Crazy Comets. So the music is going around my head, not helped with me listening to remixes on SoundCloud.

    Keep the ‘watching’ demo posts coming. I’m enjoying them!

  2. I liked the backward scroller as well and bet it’s mind-bending to write that text! Not sure if the idea was “borrowed” from the Bounder titles page but that or Thing On A Spring could have been something of an inspiration for the design on this and Crackers Revenge now I think about it…?

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