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Well… okay it is a blog post but not the “scheduled programming” as it were, in part because I’ve actually been doing some programming; next weekend is the X party and, as mentioned previously, I’m sort of aiming to get something completed for release there. My original plans have been put on the back burner in part due to illness – it’s “traditional” for me to have at least a cold around this time of year and the current one is somehow a couple of weeks old already – and the linking for that project being rather involved, but other things have taken up my free time of late as well. Fingers crossed my “plan B” will properly take shape in the week off I have coming up and leave me a little time to spare before it needs to be sent over to the competition.

The ongoing coding also goes some way towards explaining why there’s half a dozen C64s in the front room – the two C64GS consoles are, coincidentally, there for testing something else entirely – because, although I’m not going to be doing anything technically groundbreaking, there are some timing-specific routines that I want to be absolutely sure run on real hardware. That includes the one which started out as me thinking about the largely mistaken ideas I had as a fevered youth in the 1980s for doing raster bars and pondering if said method could be “persuaded” to work properly… it can with only a few caveats which quite frankly surprised the hell out of me, so I want to include it even if nobody’ll notice what’s happening unless I make a point of explaining!

4 thoughts on “This isn’t a blog post

  1. “Intriguing” is one word for that post, with “frustratingly vague” being a couple more and “downright bloody obstructive” probably summing things things up quite nicely!

    It’s just in my nature after all these years not to talk about the specifics of demo projects before release – that’s why I haven’t even revealed the name despite having settled on one and drawn a logo – partly to avoid spoiling the surprise but mostly because I won’t know until it’s done what’s actually going to be in there… =-)

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