Workprint – March 2019

One of my “defining traits” is a quite frankly ridiculous lack of organisational skills, in fact it comes as something of a surprise to people who’ve known me for any length of time that I get blog posts up on what are, by my standards, a fairly regular basis. As a result of that there are a lot of projects hanging around my hard disks which have been put aside for one reason or another, sometimes either on the cusp of being completed or actually done and dusted (although in one case it’s a port and in need of an overhaul since the original version has subsequently been improved).

So with spring approaching I plan to apply the defibrillator a few and right now I have two in mind, both of which C64CD projects; I’m keeping one close to my chest until it starts to properly exist past a few sprite routines that need recoding anyway, but the other is a reworking of Stercore 64 which re-imagines it as a bespoke C64 game rather than a Spectrum port. That’s more difficult than it might sound because the game scrolls at a character per frame and the landscape has two layers with one passing over the sprites, so my “plan” is to rely on the way that one of the character multicolours always remains behind the sprites regardless of the priority register.

That’ll give me a black background with one other colour for the background layer and, if I can scroll the colour RAM, five or six foreground colours; the sprites can then pass between the two without needing any complicated sprite clipping code since the hardware will do the work for me. That said, actually drawing something half decent with those restrictions is difficult and, whilst games like Implosion and Shadow Skimmer carry it off well, I’m no John Cassells or Mat Sneap…

5 thoughts on “Workprint – March 2019

  1. All sounds very intriguing! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    And who says you lack organisational skills?

  2. I can’t even organise a group of people saying how disorganised I am… only one turned up!

  3. Oi!!! I’ve been censored!!!

    After my comment above questioning who has criticised your organisational skills, I included a sarcastic ‘snigger’ in angle brackets. I’m guessing that has been removed by the WordPressian code?

    Tut, tut, tut… ;)

  4. It’s nothing I’ve configured, but Rassilon alone knows where the settings are in WP?!

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