Workprint – June 2019

With Stercore XD released last weekend I’m sort of between projects… well okay, a hopefully final re-mastering of Hammer Down needs attention so I will have to give it a little thought at some point, but for various reasons I’ve been struggling more than a little with motivation on that one. Part of the problem is that every update to the code is a balancing act now and, even when that goes well, the changes also see me refreshing the greetings list which scrolls past on the titles page which is at best an uncomfortable process due to the data format I settled on to in a vain attempt to keep the size down.

So since I’m procrastinating there’s a chance that I’ll actually listen to the part of me which is constantly shouting “let’s make a new shoot ’em up” like a seven year old existing almost exclusively on a diet of E numbers. Right now that high-pitched, overly excited voice in my head reckons that a single screen blaster would be fun to do and I’ve got some unfinished business on that front anyway from when I started a “cover version” of a small game called Death Dealer that was intended for release on cartridge back when RGCD were limited to 16K. Perhaps it’s time to resurrect that project whilst perhaps wedging in some backgrounds or adding more complex waves to improve the longevity?

That would go some way towards bridging the gap in C64CD’s “narrative” too. My original plan was for the games to evolve over time almost like a newly-minted coder picking up skills between releases; I started out with a single screen gallery shooter – a reworking of the first assembly language game I coded as a beginner myself – and planned to build up the complexity with each game, but Stercore XD broke that sequence by leaping ahead a large distance.

With all of that said though, I’m reasonably sure that previous paragraph wasn’t just me trying to find excuses to work on another shoot ’em up.

5 thoughts on “Workprint – June 2019

  1. Well… Whatever Happens, I hope you do decide to release HAMMER DOWN. It really does look Super and I for one would Love to Play it – Your No 1 Blog Reader – Wayne ( LOL :-> )

  2. I’m interested in anything you produce, as long as you release the code as well for me to learn from!

    I’m also looking forward to Hammer Down. Your *REAL* No.1 blog reader… ;)

  3. Hammer Down is one case where I’m not sure about releasing the source; I’ve already forgotten how bits of it work at this point, how can I expect anyone else to get them or explain if someone asks for more detail? =-)

  4. Just Release The Game Then… ( Cheeky Smile :-> ) Your Number 1 Super Duper Real ( Slim Shady ) Blog Fan !!! LMAO ! :->

  5. It still needs to be mastered for the *third* (at least, it’s probably more and I’m blocking it out) time and that can wait until I build up the courage.

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