Workprint – August 2019

Since I completely forgot about posting it last month, here’s the extended workprint for August 2019 and… erm, not much is actually happening right now. Well okay that’s misleading, things are actually going on and projects are being worked on, but the majority of it is still behind closed doors.

After the rush to get Death Weapon over the line for the RGCD competition I’m also a little “burnt out” on game code so it’s demo time and one thing I can at least mention is getting a request via Twitter to code a second Gamerz Xtreme intro which is nearly complete, full of raster bars and just waiting on a few final tweaks to the music from aNdy and little extra functionality to allow for tweaking since it’s meant for use on a Twitch channel. As with the first intro that’s done by editing a “script” (actually a block of source code that sets some constants and provides things like scroll text) and then assembling the code around those modifiers.

After that, there’s some graphics on the go for Kreator of Commodore Master Soft – I forgot to shamelessly plug my small, logo-drawing involvement in his previous intro Second – and some doodling of ideas for the hopefully upcoming next instalment of the Intro Creation Competition over at the CSDb because that’s always fun. I possibly have some thoughts about longer form demo projects as well, but as usual those are kept hidden away at this early stage.

3 thoughts on “Workprint – August 2019

  1. After a month, still playing Death Weapon on and off. A simple premise for the game, but VERY addictive! Very much looking forward to the enhanced version… :)

    Missed that “Second” intro; nice 80’s looking logo thing you did while moonlighting from Cosine/C64CD!

  2. It’s more “stunt artistry” than moonlighting [ahem] but I do like drawing logos for other people… oddly, all the logos I’ve done recently start with a C though.

    Also… hang on, who promised an enhanced version of Death Weapon?!

  3. “Also‚Ķ hang on, who promised an enhanced version of Death Weapon?!”

    I could have sworn you mentioned it somewhere along the line… :D

    Honest… :D

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