Here Goes (C64) released

So here we go with Here Goes, my first entry into the Intro Creation Competition for 2019 and, as promised yesterday, it’s for the 4K category; despite the limited memory footprint it’s still got 200 scanlines worth of raster colours, the logo and scrolling message required for all entries and a piece of music from Sack; the latter is a SID cover of the Amiga module Freeman which comes in at under 950 bytes long when Goattracker has finished weaving it’s magic!

The memory footprint for this one is a close to the wire $0400 to $13ff and a smattering of zero page use, with the screen data being decompressed directly to $0400 before the code starts up to save having to keep a second copy somewhere else beforehand. The source code can be grabbed from GitHub for anybody who might enjoy prodding around my slightly spaghetti-like code…

5 thoughts on “Here Goes (C64) released

  1. Sweet looking intro Jase….Love the colours and multi colour scroll bar…Very pretty..

  2. Thanks both, I do seem to be settling into doing old school raster effects in my dotage. =-)

  3. Its really worrying, I’m 58, almost a blooming pensioner…Don’t feel like one and still love the retro stuff, in fact I’ve got more gear now than in the day!

    Age, its only a number…

  4. I’ve got more kit now as well, but when we worked for the same firm I was already into double figures for C64s… and the “collection” has only got larger and more esoteric since then!

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